Richard Tice slams labour saying they are too “weak and woke” to lead the UK.

In a political party video on Twitter, Richard Tice, the leader of Reform UK, states his party offers an alternative to “weak and woke” Labour.

In a retweet that was shared by Mr Tice, it read: “Labour is too weak and too woke. They are unfit to lead.”

“There is an alternative to Labour and the Tories.”

“Only Reform UK has the bold solutions needed to fix Britain.”

The video shows the Labour leader stuttering after being asked on LBC, “Can a woman have a penis?”

Keir Starmer didn’t answer, instead, he danced around the question, trying to throw together an answer to a very simple biological question. 

The bottom line remains, if Keir Starmer can’t answer a simple question about biology, how can the man run the country? 

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