Richard Tice Slams Woke Left as Albanians Pay Up to £20k to Illegally Enter UK, Despite Being from ‘Safe’ NATO Country

Albanians attempting to enter the UK are now turning to lorry routes, as sea crossings of the Channel have become increasingly difficult due to fears of being detained and deported back to their home country. Criminal gangs have been found to be smuggling Albanians into the UK in lorries, and advertised prices on TikTok have surged to £20,000 per migrant.

Richard Tice, a prominent Brexit campaigner, has criticised the woke left for welcoming everyone despite the fact that Albanians are fleeing a ‘safe’ NATO country. According to Albanian sources, criminal gangs are using lorries as it is easier to smuggle migrants into the UK without getting caught, enabling them to disappear into the black economy.

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