Richard Tice Applauds Polish PM’s Bold Stand Against EU’s ‘Pseudo-Green’ Engine Ban

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has pledged to fight the European Union’s ban on petrol and diesel engines, calling it a “pseudo-green” initiative. The EU plans to prohibit the sale of new combustion vehicles from 2035 as part of its net-zero strategy.

Morawiecki opposes the ban, stating that his government will do everything necessary to safeguard Polish families and industries. Richard Tice, a British politician, praised Morawiecki’s stance, stating, “Polish leader stands up to Net Zero nonsense….well done.”

With Germany securing an exemption for e-fuel-powered internal combustion engines and backing the revised legislation, Poland remains the only EU nation openly defying the green law.

Despite Warsaw’s opposition and abstentions from Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy, the amended regulation is likely to be passed into law. This development raises questions about the UK’s similar ban, which permits hybrid vehicles until 2035. Moreover, a potential loophole in Northern Ireland could emerge, requiring adherence to the EU ban unless blocked by Stormont.

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