Ben Habib Slams Sir Keir Starmer: Define a Woman or Admit Unfitness for Office

The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, asserts that there should be no ‘rolling back’ of women’s rights in the transgender debate.

However, he faced further mockery on Sunday night after clarifying his position on transgender issues, stating that “of course” 99.9 percent of women “haven’t got a penis.”

Sir Keir is grappling with the challenge of defining his party’s stance on gender identity amidst the heated dispute in Scotland.

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Party strategists have also cautioned Sir Keir that he risks jeopardising the next general election if he remains unable to provide a clear definition of a woman.

In response to this, Ben Habib rebukes, “This is a question to which there is only one right answer, and 99.9% is not it.” He further criticises, “If @Keir_Starmer cannot define a woman, he is not fit for office.”