The Rise of Tice: Reform UK Leader Poised to Challenge Tories in the Countryside.

Reform UK’s Richard Tice Targets Tory Rural Vote Ahead of Next Election.

A new analysis shows that Reform UK, led by Richard Tice and described by Nigel Farage as a “direct descendent” of his establishment bartering ram Brexit Party, is gaining traction with the “Rural Right” ahead of the next election.

Research commissioned by think-tank Labour Together found that some of the Tories’ most loyal voters are turning to Reform UK, with the Conservatives losing two in every five of their 2019 voters.

Only 58% of previous Conservative voters plan to support the party at the next election, with 14% intending to vote for Reform UK.

This surge in support for Reform UK has unnerved Conservative backbenchers, with some fearing that they may lose voters due to their “failure to deliver” on immigration. Senior officials at Conservative Party headquarters are increasing efforts to attract new donations and hiring campaign managers.

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The research also found that support for the Conservatives is diminishing among other groups, including the “English Traditionalists”, who are socially conservative but centrist on economic issues, and the “Patriotic Left”, who are older, socially conservative, and economically left-wing.

The “Disillusioned Suburbans”, a young and economically insecure group, and the “Centrist Liberals”, an affluent demographic mainly based in southern cities, are also turning away from the Tories.

The only group still overwhelmingly supporting Labour are the “Activist Left”, a city-based and young group of voters to the left on both economics and cultural issues.