Reform UK’s Belinda De Lucy Fact Checks Keir Starmer’s “Women have Penis” Comment.

Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer has caused controversy by stating that some women may have a penis at the weekend.

The comment, made in a recent interview, has sparked debate and concerns within the party about the definition of gender and the rights of women and transgender individuals.

Since taking on the role of Opposition Leader in 2020, Starmer has been repeatedly asked to define what constitutes a woman.

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He has been hesitant to provide a clear answer, fearing that he may upset either the transgender community or women concerned about the erosion of their rights. However, in the recent interview, Starmer took a stand, aligning himself with trans activists.

According to the Sunday Times, Starmer stated, “For 99.9% of women, it is completely biological… and of course they haven’t got a penis.”

He also acknowledged that some people identify as a gender that is different from their birth gender. Starmer pledged to safeguard women’s rights, adding that there are still many challenges ahead for women and that it is important not to backtrack on any progress.

However, not everyone was pleased with Starmer’s comments. Reform UK’s Belinda De Lucy took to Twitter to express her disagreement, stating, “This is a lie. A lie that increases risk to women and girls and erases hard-won sex-based protections. How can any woman vote for this man! Trans women have penises because they are male WOMEN DO NOT.”

The controversy surrounding Starmer’s comments highlights the ongoing debate about the definition of gender and the rights of women and transgender individuals. The Labour Party has yet to issue a formal response to the interview.